APEI Internship Week 9

This week was my last week as an intern for American Pool.  My tasks this week were basically to help out with anything else that they needed done before the summer season was over. I was assigned to design a chart for an upcoming blog post, images for Pinterest that link to their blog posts, a few samples for a new Guard for Life Facebook profile photo, along with many miscellaneous tasks around the office


Pictured below is the chart I designed for an upcoming American Pool blog post about drowning. Recently in the news there was a story on a young girl who died from secondary drowning. To reassure the different forms of drowning, they thought it would be a good idea to compose a blog post discussing the different types and how parents can differ from each. This chart displays the different types of drowning, both fatal and non-fatal, along with the classifications associated with each.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.50.01 PM

My supervisor also needed me to come up with some graphics that they could use as Pinterest posts to link to their recent blogs. For these we thought a modern design would look best for attracting viewers. As shown, I created two posts for American Pool and two for Guard for Life.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 4.42.32 PM

My final major task I was assigned this week, was to brainstorm some possible ideas for a new Facebook profile photo for the Guard for Life program. In my samples, I designed a few options with just the logo and others with actual photos that feature the logo. Although I was not able to receive final feedback on them, my supervisor was leaning towards one of the samples that displayed an actual image.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 11.45.00 AM

I found this week to be very successful. Through my tasks, I was able to produce my work efficiently with little repairs revision. For each piece of work, I received positive feedback from my supervisor. Although I had to make a few changes, it was nothing that changed the design of my work significantly.


This week, being my last week working for the company, made me realize how well everyone values the employees within the office. For my last day, the marketing team provided me with a departing gift in appreciation for my time with them. They also created a video for me and shared it on their social media accounts. In doing so, they really assured me that all of my effort working for them was taken into consideration and greatly appreciated. Being able to see my work displayed by the company on their social media accounts is very empowering. I can’t thank them enough for bringing me in and broadening my skills to prepare me for life beyond college.


Being a creative intern at American Pool was very fun and beneficial. Throughout my time working here, I learned many communication and design skills that correlated to the digital marketing track. Skills that will sure benefit my efficiency as I pursue my career beyond their internship program.

APEI Internship Week 8

Week eight of my internship marked the Guard for Life Lifeguard Appreciation Week. This is an annual event where the Guard for Life program shows appreciation for all its lifeguards by providing them with free Rita’s and/or ice cream at local stores near each of its locations. The organization uses Eventbrite to promote these events at multiple locations, so that each branch of the program can have their share in the fun. Therefore, my efforts this week were primarily focused towards this event.


When I first showed up to the office on Tuesday, I began the day going through incoming emails, organizing any photos that Guard for Life branches have sent in regarding recent Lifeguard’s of the Week and Month. Throughout the summer, each branch send in their award winners for those categories, in which those lifeguards are rewarded with exclusive Guard for Life merchandise. While organizing these photos, I thought it would be a good idea to update the Zappar code (mentioned in week 7) with the most recent photos. Because it is Lifeguard Appreciation Week I thought that every lifeguard that receives this title should get recognized. This shows how much the company appreciates their lifeguards work and isn’t limited to recognizing them for their efforts.


As Thursday came along, each of the Appreciation Week events have seemed to be a huge success. Each event location has drawn in many lifeguards from around the area. They all were very enthused for their rewards and many participated in individual and group photos showing off their excitement. On Thursday, the marketing team and I went around to the local American Pool locations to hand out the goodie bags to lifeguards on duty. This was a very fun experience because the lifeguards were not aware of appearance. Once we showed up and presented them with their bag, they were in awe. For those lifeguards who were not busy guarding the pool, we pulled them aside to take photos and shoot a video promoting the event. The video was more of a testimonial, and displayed how each lifeguard felt about working for Guard for Life.


In general, I thought this week was very successful. Going around and surprising lifeguards with treats was a fun experience. We receive extremely positive feedback from the guards saying that we made their day. Experiences like that really make you feel good about what you are doing and show others the true appreciation of their efforts.


Being a part of Lifeguard Appreciation week this year taught me some things about the company. It really showed how much they care about making their lifeguards feel like they belong to something larger than just the job, and that their commitment and hard work has not gone unnoticed. It also displays how the company has fun doing what they do. When we went on the journey to the local pools, we took advantage of the surroundings of the area to shoot clips that will be added to the video. These clips not only showed the lifeguards on duty but also displayed how the corporate staff has a bonding connection with its employees.

APEI Internship Week 7

My internship at American Pool is so far coming along very well. The seventh week brought about a few great accomplishments that have expanded my skills in digital marketing. This week, in preparation for Lifeguard Appreciation Week (LAW), I was able to design snapchat filters, social media cards, and an infographic warning people how they can stay safe in the excessive heat. Along with these items, I proposed and prototyped the implementation of digital augmented reality to use during Lifeguard Appreciation Week.


The first thing I was assigned to was the creation of a few possible Snapchat geofilters that could be used in the vicinity of LAW events. Here are the various options I came up with:

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 4.33.31 PM.png

After receiving feedback from my supervisor, we decided to stick with the third design. This design not only fits best with the 2017 LAW logo, but it also has a modernized appearance that is fun but appropriate for the event.


We also thought it would be a good idea to include a business card with all of the Guard for Life social media handles on it. These cards would be placed into gift boxes to the lifeguards, as well as, stacked on a table at each event for anyone to have access to. The concept I designed for this card is pictured below.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 4.33.51 PM

This week marked the hottest week of summer so far with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. Because of this, I decided to create a simple infographic with tips on how everyone can stay safe if they find themselves outdoors at any point. These tips are used to warn people about skin cancer and how they can avoid any chances of being diagnosed.


The largest accomplishment I faced this week was the proposal of the possibility of including augmented reality features on certain items for Lifeguard Appreciation Week. Augmented reality imposes a computer-generated image in the real world through a smart phone or other device with this compatibility. Pokémon Go was an example of an app that utilizes this technology.


I thought that by using this technology, Guard for Life could become more interactive with their audience of primarily teenagers. By scanning the above code using the “Zappar” app (available in app stores) users will be able to see multiple fields floating around the code, each containing different content related to the brand and LAW events. These codes can be printed on items such as the LAW flyer or social media card to create an interactive, digital experience that can be used to promote more information in one area. While this code is just a concept, we in the marketing department can come up with multiple codes to promote different information at each event.


Overall, I saw this week as a huge success. My supervisor and the rest of the marketing department loved the idea of the Zappar code and decided to demo them during the upcoming Lifeguard Appreciation Week. Not only was this an accomplishment as an intern, but I also found it as an accomplishment on a personal level. I’ve always wondered how designers could create augmented reality experiences. Although the version I provided is super simple, I can see it paving the way for me to learn new skills towards

APEI Internship Week 6

My sixth week at American Pool Enterprises brought me back to the design aspect of my internship. This week I was able to receive feedback on the certificate I created last week, as well as continue on with other new projects. When I returned to the office on Tuesday, I immediately heard back from my supervisor on the design of the Front Desk Attendant certificate. She ended up really liking the design but thought it would be better to stick with the same colors of the Guard for Life brand. Although the logo is displayed on the certificate, the brand would not be totally represented with other colors.


With the improvement of the colors, the certificate was ready to be used. We ended up using it as a universal certificate. This past week two of the Guard for Life lifeguards made a courageous act in handling an incident at one of the pools in Maryland. So, we thought it would be a nice idea to provide them with a certificate for their courageousness. For this we used the same design but altered the details of the copy.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 4.50.25 PM

I was also assigned to create a new banner for Guard for Life’s Lifeguard Appreciation Week Eventbrite page. For these banners, I worked from last year’s banner while also appealing to the 2017 flyer design. The screenshot below features four options for the new banner.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 4.49.17 PM

When I sent the design over to the rest of the marketing team, I receive positive feedback about each design. They thought that each one has a strong appeal but because the first one is the most similar to the 2017 flyer, they thought it would be the best fit for the theme of this year’s event.


My involvement with these projects seems to benefit the department greatly. Providing certificates to lifeguards who’ve made remarkable impact on the brand is a great idea because it ensures them that their work is highly appreciated. As for the Eventbrite banner, sticking with the theme of the event is key. Displaying a strong banner could ultimately draw in more people to take part in the event, being that it is the first thing they see on the site. Also, the more appealing the banner is, the more reputable people with think the event is.


Overall, I saw this week as a success. In performing these tasks, I really put my design skills to the test. Throughout the process, I actually learned new functions from the Adobe softwares. When coming up with possible designs for each project, I wanted them to be unique and aesthetically appealing. I feel that through those designs, those who come across them will be drawn to them.


This week I learned the importance of how everything produced is directly related to the theme of the brand. It is not just simply slapping the logo on a design, but that everything about the design ties into how the brand is represented. Even with the experimentation of different colors on the certificate in particular, it did not exactly have the Guard for Life impact.

APEI Internship Week 5

This week as an intern at American Pool Enterprises brought upon a few different tasks to assess my marketing skills. I started off the week designing a certificate the Guard for Life Georgia branch. The Georgia brand admired our certificate design for Lifeguard of the week, month and year, and decided it would be cool to have a certificate for their front desk attendants. This certificate recognizes the front desk attendant of the week for their ongoing hard work and dedication.


Our certificates for Lifeguard of the week were in the size of postcards and featured a unique, creative design in the background. We decided to change the layout of the front desk attendant certificate, but still include the design and fonts used in the lifeguard one. By keeping those elements of the design, it will ensure that brands theme is consistent throughout the campaign.


I was also assigned to make phone calls to the Pittsburgh lifeguards regarding an upcoming training course. American Pool Pittsburgh is holding a week-long training course for those who wish to become certified to lifeguard for the next two years. The Pittsburgh branch was not able to make these phone calls themselves so we needed to do them to ensure those who signed up were still interested in participating. For this, I was given a list of around 80 potential participants that I needed to call and inform about the upcoming course. American Pool sent out emails and flyers in the past but did not receive much feedback. Because the course begins Monday, July 10th this was the last option to get in contact with these individuals.


My participation with these tasks benefitted the department positively. Creating the certificate for front desk attendant of the week was unique and really expresses the importance of each member of the organization. By providing a certificate to awarded office members, it ensures them that all their hard work is appreciated. It could also encourage others to improve their productivity so they have a chance of being rewarded in the future.


That being said, I thought this week was a nice success. I felt that my duties were greatly appreciated and aided the department by allowing the rest of the members to continue with other major projects. Although my supervisor was not in the office this week, I received positive feedback from the rest of the marketing department. They really liked the design of the certificate because it was not just the same as the other lifeguard certificates. Going into next week when my supervisor is back, I will receive official feedback on whether the design is good enough to be used.


This week I learned how closely each branch of American Pool works together to ensure customer service is of top priority. If one branch is unable to complete a certain task, another branch is glad to take over some responsibilities the help get the project done. By making phone calls for Pittsburgh and creating certificates for Georgia, I am glad to have been able to contribute my skills to the American Pool organization nationwide.

APEI Internship Week 4

Week four of my internship at American Pool Enterprises took a different approach. This week, instead of designing promotional items, I focused majority of my work towards promoting a social media contest. Friday, June 23rd marked “National Bring Your Dog to Work Day.” On that day one member from the office brought her dog to work and took a few photos of the dog around the working around the office, supporting upcoming Guard for Life merchandise. One of the shots she got displayed the dog sitting at a cubicle appearing to be working on the computer. Instead of just posting this photo on social media promoting the event, my team decided to hold a contest on Instagram. This contest is going to be a “Caption This” contest where followers of Guard for Life can comment their best/funniest caption to the photo. The winner of this contest would be determined by the caption that receives the most likes.


My job for this contest was to brainstorm how the contest would be run, any rules that would be applied, and on which social media platform the contest would take place. Being that Guard for Life gets most of its interactions on Instagram, I figured that would be the best option for a contest such like this. I’ve seen many accounts on Instagram hold “Caption this” contests because it allows users to comment right on the photo which makes it easy for the contest holder to keep track of the submissions. Instagram also allows for users to like individual comments which would allow for people to vote for their favorite caption.


The “Caption this” contest could be a nice benefit to the Guard for Life brand because it engages its users to participate with the organization. Users are encouraged to participate due to a prize being rewarded to the winner of the contest. In order to ensure that no negative content will be reflected onto the brand, submissions from the contestants will be monitored closely by the team throughout the duration of the contest.


I did not face too many issues this week in deciding which measures should be set forth in the pursuit of this Instagram contest. The ideas I brainstormed were critiqued by the rest of the American Pool marketing team. My supervisor, along with rest of the team, thought that my ideas would be very successful. Although some modifications were made, ensuring that Guard for Life would benefit strongly from the contest, they will be used in the promotion of this contest.


This week was a fun experience in the office. Collaborating with team members to come up with an idea for a social media contest really put my digital marketing skills to the test. Everyone was very enthusiastic with ideas of how we could include one of the employees’ dog into a post that could possibly generate some funny and creative comments from the brand’s followers. I thought it was also exciting thinking of how those users would be able to engage with the organization through social media, rather than just liking a photo that they post.

APEI Internship Week 3

My third week as a Creative & Communications intern at American Pool was very exciting. Considering this week marked a few national holidays such as the first day of summer, bring your dog to work day, and national swim a lap day, the marketing team and I set out to promote the Guard for Life brand in relation to these holidays. In doing so, I was assigned to develop a few social media images designed to inspire individuals to go out and celebrate the holidays at the pool. For each of the holidays, I designed a few promotional images to be posted on the Guard for Life Facebook page. For those images, I also tweaked the aspect ratio slightly so that they could also be used as Instagram posts.

Another task I was assigned was to brainstorm some ideas for how the brand could hold contests on their social media platforms in order to get followers involved and engage with the company. A few that I came up with were photo contests, a “caption this” contest, and a scavenger hunt. I believe that these types of contests are appropriate for Guard for Life because they would be targeted towards individuals going out and visiting local pools to spread awareness of the brand. Rules will also be set for these contests ensuring that all submissions demonstrate proper pool etiquette and are appropriate for all ages. This could be very successful at getting followers involved, especially when there are rewards for the best submissions.


This week really allowed me to demonstrate many of my digital marketing skills towards the promotion of a brand through social media. With the growing trend of social media use among the younger generations it is important to stay active and promote yourself through those platforms. Staying aware of these random, fun national holidays is a great way for a company to become relevant amongst social media users. It is just important that they focus on the holidays that directly relate to the business.


Overall, my third week as an intern at American Pool was very successful and I hardly ran into any issues along the way. The company ended up using my images in their promotional posts on Facebook and Instagram for the 1st Day of Summer and National Swim a Lap Day. Because the marketing team collaborates on each project, I received positive feedback from my supervisor about my work. Often complimenting how well and professional it was put together.


Throughout this week, I was really able to see how well the marketing department is able to reach out to its followers through social media. They like to take advantage of the national holidays because it is a fun experience and it gives a special purpose to certain days. Why go through your work week like it’s just another ordinary week when there is something to be excited about almost every day? Have fun with each day and find out what each week holds to be celebrated!

APEI Internship Week 2

The second week of my creative and communications internship at American Pool Enterprises was mostly a continuation of the first. That being said, I was not assigned any new projects. Instead, this week consisted of further critiques of my work from my first week, and the creation of additional design samples to Guard For Life’s Lifeguard Appreciation Week giveaways and awards. These samples were mainly focused upon “Lifeguard of the Month” awards, such as a Bluetooth speaker and a lifeguard t-shirt for the awarded candidates. I also continued creating samples of temporary tattoos and performed multiple miscellaneous tasks around the office.


Bluetooth Speaker


T-Shirt Mockups

While performing these tasks, I demonstrated brainstorming and teamwork skills to effectively produce quality design samples to the marketing team. I began each day receiving feedback from the team to determine which direction each project should impact the recipients and how the team felt each design should look. From there, I set out to brainstorm a few possible layouts and executed them in a timely manner. Once I produced a few samples, I then forwarded them to the team for further critique.


My participation in the design of these projects provided a positive effect towards the department. In the development of these design samples, I was sure to consider and implement the current theme of the project into a professional visual component. As a result, I was able to further contribute samples of my work to represent the company during the upcoming Lifeguard Appreciation Week event.


During this week, I was ultimately successful in the completion of each sample, although I did experience a few issues along the way regarding certain designs. For example, one of design ideas for the Bluetooth speaker involved me resembling the Lifeguard of the Month award certificate. The challenge with this was that the certificates feature a very intricate and creative background that was hard to fit into the speaker so that it would completely cover the design area. I was able to overcome this issue by making the background its own layer and zooming it so it would fit the entire display. As for the logo and typography, I had to break them up and rearrange them so that they would fit onto the speaker and remain legible.


When I forwarded my work over to my supervisor, she seemed quite pleased towards the work I was producing. She gave me very reasonable feedback and I was then able to incorporate such feedback into the project


As I continue my internship at American Pool, I will continue being a collaborative team member and do my best to produce the highest quality work possible to successfully contribute to the organization. I have noticed throughout my time there that teamwork is very important to the department and in turn allows for the best possible result for each project. Each person there seems to have a very significant role in the production of assignments, so I am sure to make each piece that I contribute amount up to the organizations standards.

Internship Week 1

As of June 6th 2017, I have begun my internship with the marketing department of American Pool Enterprises Inc. During my first week at American Pool I was able to become familiar with their Owings Mills office; meeting mostly the entire staff and getting to understand the flow of operations between each department for particular projects. As soon as I arrived for my first day, I was greeted by a marketing assistant and immediately received a tour of the office. I got to see how each department was organized within the building and eventually got situated at my personal desk. Following the tour the marketing assistant walked me through the company’s database and how to navigate through the Google Suite. At American Pool, the Google suite is their main source of file sharing and communication between departments. After becoming familiar with the facility, I was then prompted with my tasks for the day and sent to work.


For my first day as a creative and communications intern at American Pool, I was provided multiple tasks designing and branding free giveaways for Guard For Life’s Lifeguard Appreciation Week. Guard For Life is a branch at American Pool Enterprises that focuses on the employment and appreciation of lifeguards stationed at public and private pools that American Pool operates. The giveaways I was assigned to design and brand were temporary tattoos, a tumbler cup, a Frisbee, and a Bluetooth speaker. These items will be used either as a giveaway or an award to lifeguards.


Frisbee Giveaway

My second day was composed of a continuation of projects from the first week along with assisting the marketing team brainstorm ideas for the design of Lifeguard of the week, month, year and national awards. These awards are to be given to select lifeguards who have displayed a strong work ethic and represented the American Pool and Guard For Life brand in positive manner. This day also marked National Best Friend Day. In celebration of this event, the marketing team and I traveled to one of the company’s pools to film a Snapchat video to display the importance of safe pool etiquette while having a fun, relaxing time with your best friend. For this project, I was the camera man and filmed the team representing a fun time at the pool as good friends.


Temporary Tattoo Designs

In performing these tasks, I used a number of independent and teamwork skills. At first I designed multiple prototypes for each project to provide the team various ideas for the concept of the project. Once I prototyped the designs, I critiqued with the team and provided input towards which concept would be the best fit for the final outcome. The design we chose to be the final output will be used to represent the brand during the Lifeguard Appreciation Week giveaways.


Generally, the concepts I came up with were successful because we were able to choose at least one of the designs to use for the giveaway. Having some of my work being used by a company is an uplifting accomplishment personally.


During critiques of my work, my supervisor provided mostly positive feedback for each project. She seemed to like the work that I put in to each project and ended up approving some of my ideas. One, in particular, was the design of the Lifeguard of the week, month, year and national awards.


Overall, my first week as an intern at American Pool was very successful. I learned how a typical day of a graphic designer looks and how different departments within a company collaborate effectively to produce the best outcome for a project. The office in general has a fun, productive environment and everyone seems to enjoy working together.

JavaScript Basics

JavaScript (JS) is a dynamic programming language that encourages interactivity and custom behaviors to a website. It is one of the three core technologies of Web content production. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language, meaning that it runs on the user’s machine rather than on the server, as PHP and Ruby do. The function of JavaScript is reliant on the browsers capabilities and settings. Majority of websites employ JS in it, and all modern Web browsers support it without the need for plug-ins.

We typically encounter JavaScript to include interactivity to a web page. It allows you to create highly responsive interfaces that improve UX and provide dynamic functionality, without waiting for the server to open a new page. Using JavaScript, you are able to:

  • Suggest the complete term a user might search for
  • Request content and information from the server and add it into a document as needed
  • Show and hide content information
  • Test for browsers’ individual features and capabilities
  • Fill in gaps where the built-in functionality of a browser lacks
  • Load an image or content in a custom styled “lightbox”


There are two types of scripts; embedded and external. Embedded scripts are displayed with the content for the code inside of a script element. This is an example of an embedded script:

< script >

  • JavaScript code goes here

</ script >

External scripts, on the other hand, use the src attribute to point to a script file by its URL.

< script src=”my_script.js” ></ script >

The advantage of external scrips is that you can apply the same script to multiple pages. This benefit is like that of an external style sheet.


Script elements can be placed anywhere on the document, but are most commonly located in the head of the document or the very end of the body. This makes it much easier to find your scripts so you are not searching throughout the document trying to find scripts.

There are many ways to find different JavaScript functions through JS libraries. Some of the most popular libraries include:


JavaScript Resources

Here is a link to SpeckyBoy Design Magazine. The article featured in the link provides the top 50 lightweight JavasScript plugins & libraries from 2016.

One of my favorite plugins on this list is lightgallery.js. This is a plugin for a full-featured JavaScript lightbox gallery with no dependencies. Lightgallery.js is responsive, highly customizable and fully interactive. Hovering over an image in this gallery displays a magnifying glass where if you click, it will expand the image to its full size and display its caption. Overall, this lightbox gallery is sleek and fits well with almost any layout theme.